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By signing below, I am acknowledging that I have read and agree to the Wireless Internet Access and Service Agreement for SAA All contracts are a 24 month term (unless otherwise noted on the customer account) and are subject to an early termination fee of $200.00. My signature below authorizes SAA to deduct my payment from the billing account information that SAA has on file. I understand that if any of the information regarding the selected payment method changes, that it is my responsibility to notify the SAA billing department. There will be a $30.00 NSF charge for each instance of returned payments, electronic or by check. Should I become delinquent on payments, SAA reserves the right to process overdue charges automatically to the payment information on file. I expressly consent to SAA processing delinquent amounts to the payment method provided.

The Wireless Equipment Protection Program is automatically in effect on the signing date of this contract. To insure that I receive optimal service, I agree to notify SAA of any additional equipment purchased by me and added to my wireless setup as some equipment may alter or interrupt my current service. It is my understanding that even if the installer set up an internal wireless router (or other internal equipment) that I purchase separately, SAA is NOT responsible for supporting my internal wireless network. (SAA personnel can remotely evaluate wireless connections to ensure signal quality between service location and access point). SAA personnel have advised me to use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) or a surge suppressor for my equipment. Either product is available for purchase by me from SAA or I may purchase one on my own.

I have reviewed the installation of Wireless Internet Access by SAA, have seen it in operation on my computer and affirm that the installation has been completed successfully and to my satisfaction. All of my questions regarding the wireless installation have been answered to my satisfaction. My signature below authorizes SAA to begin billing me for the service as of the signed date.

I further understand, and agree by submitting my signature electronically below, that my use of the service is governed by SAA’s established Terms of Service.

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