High Speed Internet

SAA bright.net, Inc. is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving Defiance, Paulding, and Williams Counties. Experience a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection with our wireless service. We offer several different packages to provide the speed you need.

For service availability please call 888-438-8436 Option #1

Package Speed
Bright 5 5M/1M $39.95
Bright 7 7M/1M $49.95
Bright 10 10M/1M $59.95
Bright 15 15M/1M $79.95
Bright 25 25M/3M $89.95
Bright 50 50M/5M $99.95
Bright 100 100M/20M $109.95
  • Additional Fees May Apply for Non-Standard Installations.
  • Prices shown are per month and do not include taxes.
  • Wireless routers are available. Ask us for installation costs. Speeds will vary due to overhead, your computer’s processor speed, users/devices using the Internet in your house, etc.
  • Service calls for technical support after installation are subject to a charge of $65.00 per hour.
  • Speeds are subject to availability by tower location.
  • Two Year Commitment required to take advantage of new pricing.

Check your data usage for the month.

brightWireless Protection Plan

  • Sign-up for our Protection Plan, $3.95 month, to waive all Service Call charges.

Service Agreement

  • Please review the terms and conditions of your Internet service with us, as outlined in our Service Agreement.

Remote Backup Service

SAA bright.net offers a Remote Back-Up service to our Internet subscribers. All your computer information will be stored for you. If your computer crashes your pictures and saved documents will be securely backed up on our servers. This service is a great value at $5.95 a month. Call 888-438-8436 or email support@saa.net for more information.

Test My Internet Speed

Does your provider give you the speed you need? Call 888-438-8436 to find out how we can help!

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